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13 Sep 2019

One Sky One World

One Sky, One World, an organization that we are a part of, will take part in the "International Day of Peace" event which will be held on September 14, 2019, at the church Evangelisch-Luther Gemeente Amsterdam. We will provide you the opportunity to enjoy Houjicha Japanese roasted tea, which will be offered by Yuko, Asobi, and Sola. The idea of sharing tea together is like sharing One Sky with all living creatures on Earth. 

Yuko will wear a kimono which will be transported from Japan and made by Hiroya Fujii, a Kimono designer, whose kimono's exhibit is in line with ONE SKY, ONE WORLD's concept.

Japanese sweets named “Mikumari” by the late Yoshikuni Katsu, the great-great-grandson of Kaishu Katsu will be made by Yuko and will be served with Houjicha. The Mikumari will be displayed on Simsa Cho's glass crafts.

Recently, abnormal weather conditions have been observed in many parts of the world, including record high temperatures, wildfires, unusually long and heavy rainfall, floods, and even drought. 

The first non-Japanese Shinto-priest in Europe, also the only Shinto-priest in the Netherlands, Paul de Leeuw, will lead the prayer to the god " Mikumari," who is the Shinto god of water. This is accompanied by the improvisation of Sho/笙 by Naomi Sato, one of the musical instruments essential for Shinto rituals. 

This year, we will once again borrow some necessary items from the Japanese Embassy in the Netherlands, including special Kimono hangers for the display and teaware.

Aside from this ONE SKY, ONE WORLD's program, there will be other interesting activities to look forward to hosted by other organizations. 

IDP's purpose and ONE SKY, ONE WORLD's concept are somewhat connected. That is why we continue to work together. For more information, please see the program. To know more about the program, please visit the organizer's FB page.

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